Axenso, a leading Italian digital agency operating in the medical and scientific sectors in Europe, and Pharma Advisors, a leading Spanish service and consultancy provider based on Veeva and Salesforce solutions for the pharmaceutical market in Europe, have announced a new partnership. Both entities are also Veeva’s main partners within their correspondent base geographies, highlighting that Pharma Advisors is actually Veeva’s first partner in Europe.

The two companies will pool their experiences with the objective of providing their clients with a global partner capable of accelerating innovation processes and integrating new technology and solutions in order to boost operational efficiency and encourage business growth.

Within the new partnership, both companies will work together with their respective clients and markets, broadening their service offering to cover all client needs. Axenso and Pharma Advisors will draw on their qualitative standards, their expertise and their decades of experience to fulfil any requirement, from implementing IT systems within their own businesses to designing content creation strategies and digital solutions.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact:

Pharma Advisors: Javier Rodriguez ( or Rafael de la Fuente (

Axenso: Paolo Foscari (