Pharma Advisors has sealed agreements with the most innovative companies, such as Veeva, and several companies that offer BI solutions. Thanks to these agreements, Pharma Advisors offers his clients CRM solutions, solutions for our own Life Remote detaling projects or Salesforce Effectiveness tools.

CRM system based on cloud computing Sass

Veeva CRM, based on cloud platform, is the most advanced CRM cloud system for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.Read more

Sales force automation and CRM

Salesforce is the leading CRM Cloud tool, as it enables the implementation of every kind of business processes to manage client relations in an easy and effective way.Read more

Remote medical visit

We have wide experience in Remote Detailing or Life Remote Detailing projects for healthcare professionals (primary care physicians, specialists, nursing and pharmacy).Read more

Expertise in medical call center

We have developed a great career and we can claim that we have gained expertise in the medical Call Center field.Read more