Remote Detailing

We have wide experience in Remote Detailing or Life Remote Detailing projects for healthcare professionals (primary care physicians, specialists, nursing and pharmacy).

  • As experts in CRM solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in Veeva solution (based on Salesforce), we managed to bring the Remote Visit closer to the remote user.
  • Thanks to the improvements in integral management of Veeva databases, the representative can see the doctor’s available information while the presentation is displayed as long as the doctor’s medical record and marketing surveys that may want to be developed during the virtual visit.
  • Since we can collect relevant information of the healthcare professionals in a very interactive way, we gave added value to the pharmaceutical companies. By doing this, we can qualify these healthcare professionals and determine their potential for future actions.
  • Our platform allows the clients to make product presentations in the format they prefer, without any additional cost for the adaptation of these contents: from flat images, pdfs and powerpoint presentations to colourful and eye-catching presentations developed in HTML5. All of this without the healthcare professional having to install absolutely anything and without any plugin (such as flash, java, etc.), which could be banned in hospital settings.
  • All the information that we collect is integrated in Veeva’s CRM, what allows us to manage the activity performed in an optimal way, instantly measuring data and length of presentations, assessment of healthcare professionals, feedback, and, what is really important: the immediate integration in the client’s CRM. In this way, we can assess the effectiveness and ROI of this action.
  • If the pharmaceutical company works with Veeva (reference CRM in pharmaceutical industry), the solution is integrated in the company’s system (client’s CRM), having a clear view of the multi-channel network and all the interactions that are made with all the clients through the different channels.

With all this experience and benefits that we provide, we have achieved our main goal in remote visits or presentations: “effectiveness and ROI of this interaction”

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